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5 Simple Tips for Longer Wood Furniture Life

5 Simple Tips for Longer Wood Furniture Life

Every single thing demands care to last longer and wood furniture falls in the category too. No matter how much longer life claim a furniture manufacturer gives, it is tremendously dependable upon how it is kept and maintained by the owner. The vibe that wood furniture pieces brings to home is unmatched and no one wants that vibe to fade away. To make your furniture last longer and look newer, here are the 5 simple tips that you need to follow.

1.Regular Furniture Cleaning:

Furniture needs to be cleaned regularly like any other item in your home but in a more careful manner. Soft cloth for furniture cleaning is recommended. It’s, strictly not recommended to clean your furniture pieces with water as it can leave water marks on it hence ruining the look of your favorite furniture. Rather get your hands on a quality wax brand and use wax to restore the furniture’s natural luster.

2.Appropriate Furniture Placement:

Many people keep aesthetics in mind as they set up their place with furniture but remain oblivious of the fact that when placed under direct sunlight their wood furniture can lose all its beauty and grace. Why? Because sunlight can damage the wood resulting in making it dry, cracked and faded.

3.Cautiously Move Furniture

Mishandling furniture while moving it can make you regret it forever. To save yourself from such regrets, be careful as you move your furniture within the house or while shifting. Lift it from the bottom and never drag it to protect it from scratching and avoid dropping.

4.Use Coasters from Water Ring Formation Prevention:

We often nonchalantly place glasses, tea cups, and water bottles on the table. As we pick it up back a water ring or stain grins back at us leaving us pestered. Often times these are hard to vanish marks and teach us that prevention is better than regretting. For that use coasters to place glasses, cups, water bottles, or bowls to keep your furniture free from liquid stains.

5.Treat Little Scratches at the Right Time:

Right attention at the right time can help you save oodles of money. If a light scratch appears on your wood furniture rather than ignoring it, treat it with furniture polish or wax before it becomes a deeper scratch.


Keeping your wood furniture safe from wear and tear requires little effort and attention at the right time which can prolong the furniture life.